1.  If the “Mortgage protection Cover including S106” does not merge, please go to the party screen and double click on the Mortgagor to have a look that the ‘Include In Life Assurance’ has ‘Yes’ chosen, then try again.


2.  The Directors of FNB Housing Finance have been updated to:


Directors:  LL Dippenaar (Chairman), SE Nxasana (CEO), VW Bartlett, JJH Bester, JP Burger, MS Bomela, L Crouse, PM Goss, NN Gwagwa, PK Harris, WR Jardine, EG Matenge-Sebesho, AT Nzimande, D Premnarayen (India), KB Schoeman, RK Store, BJ van der Ross, JH van Greuning.  Company Secretary: BW Unser.